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All grown up, my Bubbercin

All grown up, my Bubbercin





CAPTAIN T&T (2013) - A Short Film

Six year old “Thin Foot” strives to becomes the hero of his own life.

Starring: Kden Hee Chung, Blair Cameron, Sherwin Marcelle, Lucille Poon Kwong, Arlene Simon, Jabari Mcqueen, Niall Royal, Runty Magic, Rizario St Cyr, Wayne Burgess, Mark Wallace & Zeek Loregnard.

this is a gorgeous short film set in trinidad that gave me all the childhood nostalgia feels.

(via blackfilm)

Logos over the years

Logos over the years

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Logo Design STC-14 Conference

A Short, Short on a Short Trip Waterloo, Trinidad